Mount the Impact Recorder securely to the object to be monitored. It is recommended that the X-axis be mounted along the direction of travel if this is known.

Remove the stylus guard and set the chart paper to the starting time

Turn the recorder on. Lock the cover if desired. The recorder is ready to document impacts on pressure sensitive paper


This device has a long history of accurately measuring shocks that occur during product transportation. For over 40 years, manufacturers and the military have used this well designed and reliable recorder to warn recipients when mishandling has occured to their valuable shipments.

  • Viewable data throughout mission
  • Charts magnitude, direction, and time of impact
  • Records continuously up to 6 months
  • Electrically independent (battery powered)
  • Analog impact measurements
  • Customizable axis measurements
  • Shocks up to 50X force of gravity (50g)
  • Tamper proof

How Impact-O-Graph Works

The three mass-spring styluses work independently of each other, each measuring one axis- X, Y or Z. Each stylus operates by angular vibration with one degree of freedom in the direction it monitors. The mechanical , friction-free linkage from each stylus’ inertia mass converts motion from any of the three directions into the same plane and draws these forces onto the chart paper for easy reading.

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Impact-O-Graph Specs

Category Measurements (Model M Recorder)
Dimensions 9 1⁄2 X 5 1⁄8 X 3 3⁄4” 29.5 X 11.5 cm
Weight 4 lbs 1.8 kilo
Shipping Weight 5 lbs 2.3 kilo
Temperature -20°F to +220°F -29°Cto +104°C
Accuracy ± 10%
Mounting Self-adhesive/Screws
Case Material Poly Carbonate