IOG is setting the standard for easy to use shock, temperature and tilt monitoring devices.

When shipping sensitive goods, impact indicators, and recorders provide a low cost, yet highly reliable way to detect impacts that can potentially damage your shipment. Our products monitor valuable and sensitive goods while en route to their final destination.

Our highly visible companion labels encourage transport personnel to handle all shipments with care. The labels create an awareness that the package is being monitored for mishandling which builds accountability amongst the various handlers throughout the journey.

  • Deters mishandling by raising awareness

  • Creates accountability while in transit

  • Confirms effectiveness of packaging

  • Identifies trouble spots in your supply chain
  • Decreases profit loss from hidden damages

  • Allows sender to respond to damage of product before shipping

  • Alerts recipients and operators to inspect goods and equipment for potential damage

  • Allows for immediate corrective action in cases of potential impact and temperature extremes


shocklabel PAP OMNIG transmonitor trans-td shockfuse


digi-shock Impact o Graph


tilt indicator