Remove manufacturing plug.

Attach PAP to product or the inside of box with self adhesive pad or twist a mounting flange into the box from the outside, then slide the PAP into the flange, and finally attach a label with the viewing hole over the flange to secure the PAP.

The Protect-A-Pak is one of the world’s most popular low-cost impact indicators. It is a single use, easy to use indicator that alerts shipment recipients that g-force impact may have caused hidden damage, even if the box doesn’t seem damaged. The Protect-A-Pak's distinctive overlapping spring and ball bearing design is admired for its engineering simplicity. It can detect impacts from all directions.

  • Easy to use low cost device
  • Multi directional impact indicator
  • Multiple application methods
  • Simple impact indicator
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Protect-A-Pak Specifications

Category Measurements
Height 1in./2.5cm
Diameter 1 1/4 in./3.2cm
Weight 1 oz./28.35 grams
Temperature -100° F to 155° F/-73°C to 68°C
Accuracy ± 15%
Mounting Self Adhesive or Mounting Flange
"g" Range 10g thru 100g in 10g increments, also 5g, 15g, 25g, 150g, 200g, 250, 300g, 500g