Use the Tilt Indicator with companion
alert label for maximum effectiveness.

"Red" Indicates that the box was tilted in excess of 65-75 degrees. This indicates mishandling.

The Tilt Indicator Label is a low-cost, self-adhered label that monitors products that are required to remain
upright in shipping. When the shipment is tilted or does not remain upright, red will appear in the circle indicator showing it has been tilted in excess of 65 degrees.

  • Alerts carriers to monitoring, helps motivate careful handling
  • Accountability in the transportation chain provides
    evidence of mishandling prior to acceptance or carrier change
  • Very effective and reliable indication of excessive tip or overturn
  • Simple and inexpensive, use with companion alert label for maximum effectiveness
  • Perfect for monitoring shipments that must remain upright or have minimum tilt, including containers with liquids, powders, etc
  • The effective solution for detering poor handling on palletized loads
  • “Red” color indicates tip/tilt in excess of 65 degrees