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Introducing the Next Generation
of Transportation Monitoring

For nearly 40 years, IOG has been developing and providing innovative and reliable transportation monitors and indicators for the global business community that are recognized worldwide as the industry standard.

Our products are used throughout the entire supply chain, spanning all movement and storage of raw materials, work-in-process inventory and finished goods from point of origin to end user.

Unfortunately, the mishandling of stored and in- transit goods, destroys not only the entire business process but the harm done to your reputation and business relations is even greater.

Many times the damage done to your goods that you have already signed for is unseen and then, regrettably, it is too late.

Trans-Monitor Family of Products

The Trans-Monitor family of IOG products tells your customers that you care and provides a means to isolate damaged materials before acceptance. That is how we make it possible to assign accountability for any mishandling. This fact alone creates trust and confidence between source of goods and receipt point at the basis of any good business relationship.

We also specialize in deterring damage. Our impact recorders, shock indicators and compellingly designed labels provide visual warnings to all your handlers that we are watching and real care is required. But, when damage does occur, we have got your back.

The Trans-Monitor line of IOG products: Where physics and engineering meet to protect your assets, business relations and reputation.