Remove manufacturing plug.

The Shock Fuse can be mounted within the product box or can be affixed to one or more sensitive points on the product itself.


This single use one direction impact indicator is designed with one set of spring-loaded steel balls that become dislodged and fall into the transparent dome when struck with an impact that exceeds the preset g-level. The g-level is set at the factory and cannot be changed when shipping.

  • Low cost and easy to use.
  • Perfect for monitoring small products in shipments that are delicate.
  • Recipients can see immediate visual indication of mishandling upon receipt of goods
  • An indication to inspect product for any damage.
Table Style

Shock Fuse Specs

Category Measurements
Height 3/4 in. / 1.9 cm.
Diameter 7/16 in. / 1.1 cm
Weight 2 oz./57 grams
Temperature -40° F to 150° F/-40°C to 66°C
Accuracy ± 10%
Mounting #10-32 holes in base/5mm
Mouting Self-adhesive
"g" Range 50g thru 150g in 10g increments, also 200g and 225g